East Glacier Montana

Lodging accommodations in East Glacier Montana offer proximity to some of the best hiking trails, idyllic vistas steps from your room, and Glacier National Park’s only golf course.

East Glacier Montana tends to be more congested than the west end, so if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, stay in West Glacier Montana

But if you don’t mind the daytime tourists, choose from one of the hotels below.

Lodging Options on the East Side of Glacier

Many Glacier Lodge

Stephen King based the hotel in The Shining off of Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel and although the movie chose to film it in Colorado and England, the viewers sure missed out!

Built in 1914 by the Great Northern Railroad, Many Glacier Lodge and Hotel was constructed to convey a vibe of America’s own “Little Switzerland”. And without paying an extravagant airfare to fly to Zurich or Grindelwald, it’s the closest you can come in the US to a true, Swiss feeling.

Facts about Many Glacier Lodge:

Many Glacier Lodge

Sunset behind Many Glacier Lodge
Photo by Craig Allen

  • 208 rooms across five floors
  • Many Glacier Lodge is the largest hotel in Glacier National Park
  • Book early enough and reserve a room with a view of Swiftcurrent Lake

Like Lake McDonald Lodge on the park’s west side, Many Glacier doesn’t have televisions or air conditioners… but who needs either with the majestic, mountain views and cool breezes?

Unquestionably, Many Glacier Lodge offers the most luxurious accommodations in Glacier National Park for lodging.

It’s open from the first of June until mid- September.

Learn about hiking trails around Many Glacier Lodge

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Rising Sun Motor Inn

The name’s fitting: from this lodge you have the best views of the rising sun as it fills the valley with light and makes the water of St. Mary Lake sparkle, which laps the shores only 6 miles away.

Rising Sun Motor Inn

Rising Sun Motor Inn
Photo by Kerry Klinger

Built alongside Going-to-the-Sun Road, Rising Sun Motor Inn offers a more motel-ish feeling than most other accommodations within the park.

Its location is ideal for photographers who want to take pictures of Goose Island in the morning light or for those wishing to view wildlife.

Like other Glacier Park Inc owned resorts, televisions, telephones, air conditioning and mini-refrigerators are not available. There’s a gift shop, campstore, and restaurant. Also, just like Lake McDonald Lodge, you have the option of renting motel rooms or rustic, cottage rooms.

It’s open from the first of June until the first of September.

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Glacier Park Lodge & Resort

Glacier Park Lodge & Resort is probably my least favorite of all Glacier National Park Lodging options.

It’s located in the actual town of East Glacier Montana, making it difficult to access many of the park’s best day hiking trails. Also, the vibe isn’t that great. Unlike other accommodations, it feels very resort-ish.

Also, Glacier National Park’s lakes are some of the most pristine mountain lakes in the world. Watching a sunset behind one is such a peaceful way to end the day. Unfortunately, unlike all other Glacier National Park hotels, Glacier Park Lodge & Resort doesn’t have any easily accessible lakes.

One plus is that it’s built on a nine-hole golf course. There are 161 rooms in the Glacier Park Lodge.

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