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Choosing the Best Hiking Shoes

Determining the best hiking shoes to meet your vacation needs is essential to guaranteeing your health and enjoyment while hiking. Even though I do not believe hiking shoes are your best bet for footwear in Glacier National Park, for some hiking shoes meet all your vacation goals. The question is, are hiking shoes for you? […]

Smartwool Socks Review

Throughout my hiking career, I have tried Under Armour, Patagonia, Wigwam, & Smartwool socks — basically, any brand of merino wool socks out there, I have hiked and skied in. The end result? Smartwool makes the world’s softest socks. And I don’t mean for just hiking. I wear my wool socks 365 days a year […]

Best Hiking Sandal Advice

Adventuring with a pair of hiking sandals has its place and benefits. Not only do your feet remain better ventilated than when inside a pair of hiking boots, sports sandals also dry quicker than any other footwear. However, for hiking trails that have logs to climb over, boulders to hop and narrow ridges to traverse, […]

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Unless you only hike in dry climates, such as the American southwest, waterproof hiking boots are needed for your hiking safety. Without investing the cash in waterproof boots or the time to waterproof your boots, you risk your feet getting soaked as you hike, which can lead to blisters, athlete’s foot, and other problems that […]

Purchasing the Best Hiking Boots

Finding the best hiking boots to use on trails in Glacier National Park is a difficult process. But please, don’t discount the necessity of one: if you fail to invest your money in a good day-pack, hiking pants/shirts, or a hydration backpack, hopefully it’s because you bought yourself a solid hiking boot. A true hiker […]