Glacier National Park Hiking Videos

These hiking videos were taken during my backpacking adventures in Glacier National Park. While the quality’s not superb, the park’s beauty still comes across.

Boulder Pass

This video was taken from atop Boulder Pass. Unquestionably, this is the most beautiful area of the park, but also the most difficult to get to as it involves a drive to Polebridge, Montana. But as you can tell from the video, the trip’s well worth it.

The hike began at Kintla Lake and concluded at Bowman Lake. But the time between is what matters.

On our first day, we hiked 17 miles and climbed 3,500 feet. The ranger wrote on our permit, “Itinerary Not Recommended” as she felt the hike was too intense.

While I agree with her that the itinerary was not ideal, our logic is not the same. Though intense, the hike was feasible. Rather, the beauty of this area is too precious to rush through. Three days would have allowed us to savor the experience more.

This video was taken at an elevation of approximately 7,400 feet.

Two Medicine Pass


This video was taken atop Two Medicine Pass during a three day backpacking trip through Glacier Park.

Our adventure began at the Goat Haunt Ranger Station. We hiked 17 miles the first day, gaining approximately 2,000 feet, before camping at Lake Isabel. If you look closely, you can see Lake Isabel towards the video’s conclusion. It’s to the right of the most prominent mountain.

The following day was shorter in distance but far more strenuous as we climbed about 3,000 feet to Two Medicine Pass. This video was taken during lunch while atop the pass, which is at approximately 7,500 feet. We continued down and camped at Cobalt Lake that evening.

Our third day involved a short, few hour hike to the Two Medicine parking lot.

The Summit of Some Mountain


To be perfectly honest, I have no idea where this video was taken. I know it was along the Dawson-Pitamakan trail, but somewhere near the pass my attention became captured by a mountain.

I left the trail and hiked to the summit of this mountain, which is where the video was taken. If I were to fathom a guess, it’s the summit of Mt. Helen, which would mean this video was taken at 8,538 feet.

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