Glacier National Park Wildlife

Photographing Glacier National Park wildlife is the experience of a lifetime.

Learn the best places to view animals in Glacier National Park, including moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and big horn sheep, and wolves.

Wherever you go in Glacier National Park, you will see animals.

What wildlife you view depends on where you go and at what time.

I’ve had a great deal of luck with viewing Glacier National Park wildlife. The only two animals in Glacier National Park that I did not see were Mountain Lions (fine by me!) and Wolves (although I did hear them howl at St. Mary’s Campground).

My summers in Glacier National Park afforded me plenty of time to explore the park and its hiking trails.

And now it’s my turn to share the secrets of viewing wildlife in Glacier National Park so that you can take pictures of mountain goats, big horn sheep, moose, and grizzly bears while remaining safe.

How to View Glacier National Park Wildlife

All wild animals in Glacier National Park (and the world for that matter!) prefer escaping the heat of the day. Therefor, the secret to viewing animals and taking the best pictures of Glacier National Park wildlife is to start your day early and end it late.

From 11AM until 5PM, most animals in Glacier National Park will be hiding to escape the sun. That doesn’t mean you can’t find Glacier National Park wildlife during these hours–it just diminishes the likelihood of viewing them.

However, there are a few locations in Glacier National Park that you can hike to and be certain to almost always see wildlife:

  • Logan Pass – Atop Going to the Sun Road is Logan Pass. You will always be certain to spot mountain goats and big horn sheep grazing here.
  • Highline Trail – The Highline hiking trail is one of Glacier National Park’s best places to view wildlife
  • Polebridge Montana – Polebridge is in the remote, northwest corner of Glacier National Park but is one of the best locations for viewing wolves and bald eagles

The Best Wildlife Photos From My Collection

Here is my personal collection of the best pictures, photos, and images that I’ve taken of animals in Glacier National Park. Below each picture is a small description and where I viewed this wild animal.

Images of Mountain Goats

Of all the animals in Glacier National Park, I have the greatest collection of mountain goat pics. While appearing to be warm, fuzzy, and cute, mountain goats can be very dangerous animals if you get between them and their young.

Be safe out there when hiking and viewing animals in Glacier National Park.

The first set of mountain goat photos is from The Highline Trail.

Images of Mountain Goats

One of the best images of mountain goats that I’ve taken

This is the best mountain goat picture that I’ve ever taken. The timing was perfect along the Highline Trail and he was posing there, begging for a photograph.

I whipped out the camera and snapped away. In the end, this is what we got.

Mountain Goat Pictures

Mountain Goat models for a picture

Thankfully, this fella didn’t want to leave quickly. He stuck around and let me shoot off a number of mountain goat pics.

Mountain Goat photos

Way too close in this mountain goat photo

Later, the same mountain goat kept blocking our path. We tried climbing above him, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He turned around and marched right toward us.

Since I had the camera in my hand, I had to take this mountain goat photo–but still way too close for comfort. Never get this close to animals in Glacier National Park.

Images of Mountain Goats

A top mountain goat pic

This mountain goat pic was snapped at the top of Brown Pass. You can see Lake McDonald in the distance and a storm brewing above the mountain goat.

Mountain Goat Images

Pics of mountain goats

This guy always hangs around the top of Brown Pass. Plus, he loves to model for you!

If you are dying to get up close and personal with a friendly mountain goat, then hike Brown Pass. But I’m warning ahead of time–this is the most difficult hike in all of Glacier National Park. It climbs a few thousand feet in about 3 miles.

Mountain Goat Images

Pics of mountain goats

These two mountain goats were walking along the trail toward us. We had to navigate below to let them pass peacefully.

Although mountain goats aren’t typically aggressive, you never want to get in between a momma animal and its baby. That is way too dangerous, especially with Glacier National Park wildlife.

Baby Mountain Goat Pics

The baby mountain goat stares us down

Please be friendly, baby mountain goat (and please don’t approach us and get your mom mad!)

My Best Moose Pictures

There’s a large marsh on the Gunsight Pass trail in Glacier National Park. If you are hiking the trail, you may be lucky enough to see moose from a distance and snap a few images.

Here are the best moose images I took while hiking in Glacier National Park.

Moose Pictures - Glacier National Park Wildlife

A moose picture, one of Glacier National Park’s most sacred animals

This moose picture was taken bright and early.

As I mentioned before, viewing and photographing animals in Glacier National Park requires you to be up at the crack of dawn. Since I was hiking Gunsight Trail in one day, we were on the trail by 7 AM and found this lady at around 9 AM.

Here’s another moose image:

Moose Images - Animals in Glacier National Park

An image of a moose

My camera didn’t stop clicking. The best way to take pictures of Glacier National Park wildlife is to take as many as possible

Pictures of a Moose

The best moose picture I took

This moose picture has the lady looking directly at us. These animals are amazing. Long noses permit them to eat while eyes placed high on their heads allows them to keep an ‘eye out’ for other animals in Glacier National Park, particularly predators like grizzly bears.

Speaking of grizzly bears…

My Best Grizzly Bear Photos

When hiking in Glacier National Park you must be aware that you are hiking through grizzly bear habitat. As such, you might see a bear.

So long as you are adequately prepared with bear repellent and know how to hike through grizzly bear habitat, you will be safe.

Still, grizzly bears are dangerous, deadly creatures. Do not underestimate them. Of all Glacier National Park wildlife, grizzly bears are the most dangerous.

With that disclaimer out of the way, on my last trip I was lucky enough to take these grizzly bear pictures while hiking Iceberg Lake near Many Glacier Lodge. Many Glacier is one of the best locations for viewing and photographing grizzly bears in Glacier National Park and boy, did I luck out!

I spotted this grizzly bear roaming up the hill and quickly busted out my camera. He walked parallel to us for a long time, gazing at us, checking us out and ensuring we weren’t a threat. In return, I got these grizzly bear images:

Grizzly Bear Images

The first of four grizzly bear images

I noticed this grizzly bear walking in the grass to the left of the large red rock. He lumbered along as I fumbled getting my camera out.

Finally, the grizzly stopped on the rock and sniffed the air, assessing the region.

Picture of Grizzly Bear

Picture of grizzly bear staring at us!

With my camera clicking away, the grizzly bear turned and stared at us!

I knew right after taking this image that I had one killer grizzly bear photo!

Grizzly Bear Photos

Another of my favorite grizzly bear photos

This grizzly bear image is from the same series but cropped. After staring at us and realizing we weren’t threats, the grizzly turned his attention back to, well, surviving.

He sniffed the air a few more times and lumbered away.

Grizzly Bear Pictures

The last of my grizzly bear pictures

After a few exhilarating moments, the grizzly bear left.

But, wow. What an experience. One that defined my latest Glacier National Park vacation and one that I will never forget. Of all animals in Glacier National Park, viewing a grizzly bear from a distance is the most lifechanging.

We were so lucky to have safely watched this grizzly bear from a distance and observed it interact within its habitat.

Of all the animals in Glacier National Park’s wildlife list, nothing is as impressive as an adult grizzly bear.

Here are some additional grizzly bear pictures you can find on this site, although the photos were not necessarily taken in Glacier National Park:

Grizzly Bear Pictures

A sow grizzly bear and its cub

Grizzly Bear Pictures

A picture of a wild grizzly bear

Best Big Horn Sheep Pictures

Somehow I managed to never take a big horn sheep photo my entire time in Glacier National Park. Of all Glacier National Park wildlife and animals, big horn sheep are one of the msot commonly viewed. How I never took a picture of one is beyond me…

Regardless, here are some big horn sheep pictures that appear on this site:

Big Horn Sheep Picture

A big horn sheep picture

Some Awesome Wolf Pictures

Sadly, I never managed to see a wolf while in Glacier National Park. Of all animals in Glacier National Park, wolves are the rarest to see.

Here are some wolf pictures that you can see on the site. Here are additional wolf facts and info on what wolves eat

North American Gray Wolf

The North American Gray Wolf

Wolf Pup

Wolf pup photo

Wolves Howling

A picture of wolves howling

The sound of wolves howling is far creepier than Hollywood would have you believe. It sounds more like yapping hyenas than a romantic howl. Terrifying.

We heard wolves howling while camping in Glacier National Park at the St. Mary’s campground. If only we got to see one of them, the most elusive of Glacier National Park wildlife

Fighting Wolves

A photo of fighting wolves

North American Gray Wolves

North American Gray Wolves – What beautiful creatures

Well, that concludes this section on animals in Glacier National Park. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, images, and photos of Glacier National Park wildlife.

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