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Preventing Bear Attacks: Q&A on Preventing Grizzly Bear Attacks

Grizzly bears pose serious threats to hikers. But preventing bear attacks is easy! A former National Park employee hosts a Q&A on preventing grizzly attacks

Firearms in Glacier National Park

Am I allowed to open carry a pistol in the park? Answer: Yes, you are now allowed to carry guns in our National Parks **sigh** That said, don’t expect

Car and permit questions for a week-long backcountry trip

Hi, thanks for this useful website. My brothers and I are planning on backpacking through Glacier National Park Montana for a week in July, and wanted

Working in Glacier National Park: Q&A on National Park Employment

Want to work in a National Park? Come in & join the chat! A former park employee answers your questions on working in Glacier National Park

What is the best time to visit Glacier National Park?

We are considering a trip to Glacier and really want to see lots of wildlife, especially grizzly bears. We’ve been to Yellowstone several times in the

Questions on Camping in Glacier National Park

Camping in Glacier National Park? Then start here & read a former park employee’s answers to visitors questions regarding camping in Glacier National Park

Extreme Glacier Park Day Hike

Hey Perry, My wife and I are heading up to GNP for our 1 year anniversary. We don’t want to end up bear food so we’re sticking to Glacier Park lodges

Questions About Glacier's Going to the Sun Road

A former park employee answers visitor questions regarding Going to the Sun Road. Learn when Going to the Sun Road opens, car limits, driving time & more

Best Family Day Hikes in Glacier National Park

What is the best, family day hike in Glacier National Park? Hoping to avoid Grizzly Bears and have a picnic. Answer Unfortunately, there is no Glacier National Park hiking trail where you are guaranteed to avoid grizzly bears. All of Glacier is grizzly bear habitat and you need to be mentally prepared for this (and […]

Red Gap Pass & Ptarmigan Trail

Do you know if these Glacier National Park hiking trails will be open in mid to late June 2009? I am concerned about snow. Please mind that I have never