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Easiest Hikes and Waterfalls in Glacier National Park

What are the easiest and fastest trails? Also, which waterfalls are the easiest to get to? Your site is very helpful! Thank you! Answer: Hi Leah,

How to Plan a Glacier National Park Vacation

We are spending 6 glorious days admidst the wilds of Glacier National Park, but with so little time I need an itinerary. Is there a boat tour of the

Glacier National Park Fishing: Best Spots in Glacier for Fly Fishing

Glacier National Park fishing opportunities are plentiful! Find the best spots for frontcountry & backcountry fly fishing in Glacier from a former employee

Best backcountry campsites

Hi there, I’m trying to arrange a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip this summer. I’d like to do the Northeast corner of the park because I think it’s the

Glacier National Park Hiking in September

Two of us are considering a week trip to hike Glacier National Park from the 17th to 26th in September. A few things I wonder about is that part of

Hiking with kids in Glacier National Park

We’re taking a Glacier National Park vacation this summer for 10 days in late June. We will have a night in Many Glacier Hotel and one in Prince of

Travelling with Bear Pepper Spray to Glacier National Park

I am trying to plan a Glacier National Park, Montana vacation in August. There will be three or four of us flying out from DC/Philly area. No one in

What is the best place to stay in Glacier National Park?

I will be visiting Glacier National Park in early July with my 82 year old mother and my daughter. We all enjoy nature and solitude. Gentle hiking and

Glacier National Park – Activities Besides Hiking in Glacier?

Most of the advice on this (great) site deals with hiking in Glacier National Park. How much can a person see in the park by driving in a car? My fiance

Finding a Hiking Partner in Glacier National Park

Hi – Are there hikes in Glacier National Park that you can sign up for with groups? I’m traveling to Glacier National Park on my own and want to do day