Top 5 Questions About Grizzly Bear Attacks

What do I do if a grizzly bear attacks?

If you happen to encounter a grizzly bear on the trail and it charges, your best defense is using a can of bear repellent to deter the bear.

Unbeknownst to many, bear spray successfully prevents an aggressive grizzly bear from inflicting harm 90% of the time.

If you do not have a can of bear repellent, you should stand your ground in the event of a grizzly bear charge, as the majority of charges are bluffs that rarely result in injury or attack.

Why do grizzly bear attacks happen?

The majority of bear attacks occur when a hiker accidentally encounters a grizzly bear on the trail.

This typically occurs due to a hiker failing to adhere to the proper safety precautions when hiking through grizzly bear habitat, which are:

  • Never, ever hike alone
  • Clapping or talking loudly, particularly when turning a corner
  • Simply not staying alert on the trail and failing to notice obvious grizzly bear habitat signs, such as bear scat, paw imprints and tree markings

How do I protect my family against grizzly bear attacks?

You and your family must all be aware of proper safety precautions for hiking through grizzly bear habitat. After all, the best protection against a bear attack is not encountering a bear. If you do bump into a grizzly bear, the next best protection is bear repellent.

You may believe that a gun is adequate protection, however bear repellent is far more effective. Plus, Glacier National Park prohibits visitors from bringing guns.

Additionally, you must “bear proof” your campground. This is done by:

  • Hanging all food items on a bear post, ten feet high and three feet away from a vertical tree
  • Removing all hiking clothing that you cooked in and hanging them with your food items
  • Not keeping any odorous items inside your tent, including toothbrush, toothpaste and other hygiene products
  • Cook 15 feet away from your campsiteOnly by following these steps can you truly protect your family from a bear attack.

How do I fight a grizzly bear with my hands?

You don’t. If you are in a situation that you even have the option of fighting a grizzly bear with your hands, your best bet is to lie flat on your stomach and shield your head and neck with your hands. Your pack will protect your back.

In the rare instances when this happens, the grizzly bear is trying to ensure that you are not a threat. Once it realizes that you are a measly human, it will continue on its way.

What do I do if a grizzly bear attacks me in my tent?

Contrary to your behavior on the trail, if a grizzly bear is aggressive while you are sleeping in your tent, you must fight back with all your might.

Use anything you have as a weapon and go for the eyes and face. Outside of encountering a grizzly bear on the trail, this is the most dangerous situation to be in as the grizzly bear’s aggression is likely due to hunger.More Grizzly Bear Attack Information

Have you seen a grizzly bear while hiking? Share your story!

Only bear repellent has a proven success rate of 90%. I implore you–if you’re hiking through grizzly bear habitat, bring bear spray!

Glacier National Park Gun Laws: Federal regulation now allows you to carry a gun in National Parks, but will a gun prepare you from a bear attack?

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