What You Should Never Do If You Encounter a Grizzly Bear

grizzly bear in the fall
A group of hikers along the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park encounter a grizzly bear.

No big deal. You encounter grizzly bears often in Glacier National Park. After all, it is prime grizzly bear habitat.

However, the video below is a lesson in how you should NEVER react if you bump into a grizzly bear.

These idiots stand around, taking pictures with the flash on, one after another. Eventually, some leave and one man is left behind… literally a few dozen feet from a grizzly bear. He continues taking pictures.

Grizzly bears are DEADLY ANIMALS. They are not cuddly teddy bears. They will claw you apart, bite off your skull and eat your guts. Literally.

The people caught on camera should not be allowed on any Glacier National Park trails until they watch a video on grizzly bear safety, as this is the textbook wrong way to react if you spot a grizzly bear.

Dumb People Caught on Camera With a Grizzly Bear

Now, these people are in a big group. And a grizzly bear attack has never happened in a group larger than 4 (to the best of my knowledge and research).

But the one schmuck stays behind, taking photos until he’s all alone.

Notice the charges and pacing? That’s indicative of a grizzly acting aggressive and territorial. In other words, get the hell outta Dodge. They should have walked away at the 35 second mark but instead they stand around taking photos.

This behavior infuriates me.

If the grizzly DID attack that last idiot, the grizzly would have been put down. But it wasn’t the grizzlies fault. It was the idiot’s fault at the end.

I really, REALLY hope he somehow finds this article and can muster up some indefensible defense of his asinine behavior.

How to Respond to a Grizzly Bear Encounter

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