Hiking Glacier National Park In Early July

Hi! I am hoping that you can give me some advice about day hiking in Glacier in early July.

Every trip that I have taken to Glacier has been in August when all of Glacier National Park’s hiking trails were open/clear of snow.

I was so excited to be able to get back to Glacier this year that I stupidly wasn’t thinking about snow when I booked our trip for July 1 to 5.

Two of my favorite hikes in the park are Dawson Pass and Siyeh Pass and I was hoping to do at least one of these hikes on our upcoming trip.

Do you know if there is any possibility that these trails will be open in early July?

If so, are we going to need to bring special equipment like crampons or do you think hiking poles will be sufficient?

If these trails may not be open, can you recommend any other day hikes that will get us up to alpine level during that time of year?

Thanks so much for any advice that you can give.


Hi Heather,

Great question and you have great taste in hiking trails 🙂

Siyeh Bend is my favorite day hike in Glacier. Typically, Siyeh opens in early July.

But then again, you never know with Glacier National Park. For example, just the other day Logan Pass got another 6 inches of snow. 6 inches in late June!

I can say with near certainty that Dawson-Pitamakan will be closed in early July this year (2010). Two Medicine is just under too much snow.

If Siyeh is open, hiking poles should suffice–however, I’d also recommend buying an ice axe just to be safe.

A few years back I hiked Siyeh in early July. The front-side was clear of snow but the backside was just a giant snowbank.

We decided to slide down the snow on our butts. Not the most brilliant idea in hindsight, but it sure was a lot of fun!

Below is my list of other hikes to consider–but keep in mind, if high elevation hikes are closed due to snow pack, that these suggest hiking trails will likely be closed, too.

Other hikes to consider:

  • Brown Pass
  • Gunsight Lake & Florence Falls (gorgeous in late June/early July due to snowfall runoff)
  • Iceberg Lake
  • Ptarmigan Tunnel
  • Dawn Mist Falls

Please be sure to stop by and let me know how your Glacier National Park vacation goes!

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Jul 07, 2010



July 2010 Glacier National Park Hiking Trail Status

by: Heather

Hi Perry,

Thank you so much for your advice. We returned from our Glacier trip a few days ago and, despite some chilly and wet/overcast weather, we had a wonderful time.

We only had two days for hiking and ended up hiking to Iceberg Lake and hiking part of the Siyeh pass trail. I wanted to give you a bit of information about the trail status.

The Iceberg Lake hike was beautiful, but crowded. The trail itself was clear until we neared the lake. At that point we had to cross several fields of snow with the largest field leading downhill to the edge of the lake.

Many hikers stopped before actually reaching the lake because of the snow. We had our hiking poles with us and had no problem with the snow.

We were able to hike the Siyeh Pass trail from Sunrift Gorge. The weather was sunny when we started our hike and the views were amazing.

When we started up the switchbacks toward the pass the wind really kicked up. It got to the point where the gusts began to feel dangerous and we turned around before we reached the snow.

We met an older couple while we were on the way up the trail and they said that they had reached the snow and the snowpack was still fairly hard and easy to walk on.

Thanks again for your advice. It was very helpful and right on point.


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