Orange Wildflower Identification

Orange wildflower species are rare in Glacier National Park. If you happen to spot one, be certain to savor and photograph the moment, as you may never see one again during your Montana vacations–the exception, of course, being Indian Paintbrush, which is more red than orange anyway.

Below you will find images and descriptions of the only two orange wild flowers I know of within Glacier National Park. Use the guide to identify a picture of an orange flower or print it out to use for wildflower identification on your vacation.

Identify an Orange Wildflower

The two wildflowers depicted in this guide are:

  • Orange Hawkweed, or Devil’s Paintbrush


  • Wild PoppiesIf you are aware of additional orange flowers within Glacier National Park, please contact me at

    Orange Hawkweed

    Hieracium aurantiacum


    Orange Wildflower

    Photo by Lady Bug

    In terms of orange wild flower spotting, Orange Hawkweed, or Devil’s Paintbrush, is by far the easiest and most common. Closely related to dandelions, Orange Hawkweed terrorize the rangelands, pastures and grasslands of Montana.

    It is not native to Glacier National Park but rather was introduced in the mid-1900s after being imported from Europe to New England as a garden perennial. Once it infiltrates an area, hawkeed can quickly infest and reproduce, thus crowding out native species.

    Interesting Fact: Orange Hawkweed’s largest area of infestation is northeastern Minnesota

    Orange Poppies


    Orange Poppies Wildflower

    Photo by Lynn Suckow

    Orange poppies are usually 1-2 feet in height and have shiny orange to gold colored petals. While it has no medicinal or edible uses, it is a gorgeous flower that can easily be grown in a home garden.

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