Should I Hike the Highline Trail or Piegan Pass?


I was wondering whether I should hike the Highline Trail or Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park.

Which trail is better (scenic & ability to see bears)?

Option A: Going from Logan pass to Highline to Swiftcurrent Pass Trail to Many Glacier?


Option B: Going from Siyeh Bend (near Logan Pass) to Piegan Pass Trail to Many Glacier




Hi Rodney,

You’ve done your research, eh?

The Highline Trail is one of Glacier National Park’s best hiking trails.

Gorgeous views, plenty of wildlife. The only downside to the Highline Trail is the end of the hike. If you’re hiking back to Logan Pass, you’ll be hiking through forests that burned a few years back. This leaves you incredibly exposed to the late afternoon sun.

However, you want to take the Highline Trail, to Swiftcurrent and down to Many Glacier Lodge. It’s a long, challenging hike, but very rewarding.

Let me ask: Why is it that you want to end up at Many Glacier at the end? Your car will be at Logan Pass and you’ll need a permit to leave it there overnight.

If you were to hike The Highline Trail back to Going to the Sun Road, you can take the hiker shuttle back to Logan Pass and retrieve your car.

The shuttle does not go to Many Glacier. That means you have to make it from Many Glacier to St. Mary’s. Of course, you can hitchhike, but after a long day hike, that’s going to be challenging.

Have you considered hiking Siyeh Bend/Pass?

Siyeh Bend begins at the same place as Piegan Pass. However, Peigan Pass is VERY windy. It almost knocked me and my hiking buddy over!

Siyeh is also a far more beautiful hike. Like The Highline Trail, it loops back to Going to the Sun Road, so you can take the hiker shuttle back to your car.

Personally, for a day hike, I’d recommend Siyeh over Piegan Pass. I’d also reconsider hiking from Logan Pass to Many Glacier in one day. It’s a long hike and too gorgeous to do in one day.

Hope that helps!

~ Perry

PS. Anyone else have thoughts?

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Apr 30, 2011



Highline vs. Piegan Pass

by: Hockey Ref

The Highline may be the best day hike in Glacier because it combines sweeping vistas with relatively little climbing effort. There’s also an excellent chance to see wildlife up close. If you want to continue to Many Glacier, the descent down Swiftcurrent Pass offers an outstanding view. The entire hike runs 15 miles, with the halfway point being Granite Park chalet, which is a great place to stop for lunch. You can leave your car at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking lot (Many Glacier area) in the early morning and take the $10 pay shuttle to St. Mary, transferring there to the free hiker shuttle that will take you to the trailhead at Logan Pass. This means your car will be waiting when you’re finished. It’s easy.

Piegan to Many Glacier also is a very nice hike, but not in the same class, in my opinion, as Highline/Swiftcurrent Pass. Siyeh Pass, which shares the same trail as Piegan for the first couple of miles, is a better choice than Piegan. Leave your car at the Baring Creek parking area on the Going-to-the-Sun Road where the trail exits and hop on the free hiker shuttle to the trailhead at Siyeh Bend. You’ll end the hike right at your car.

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