Traveling Glacier National Park without a Car: Logan Pass to Many Glacier

We plan to hike the Swiftcurrent Trail from Granite Park Chalet to Many Glacier Hotel.

One of our possibilities to get back to Logan Pass is to hike out on the Piegan Pass trail, however we’re concerned that it is a 12.8 mi hike and apparently the trailhead is 3 mi from Logan Pass.

Although we are very fit we are wondering if this is too long for 1 day. We don’t know how rugged Piegan Pass is.

If this hike is not a good idea, what are our options for bus service and how do we arrange pickup?

Thanks for any help.



Hi Karen,

Glacier National Park is a very easy park to navigate without a car.

This is due to the frequent shuttle’s that run up and down Going to the Sun Road.

However, they are not very frequent to Many Glacier.

I personally believe it is too long of a day to hike back from Many Glacier to Piegan Pass trialhead. However, if you did make it back, you can take the shuttle service back to Logan Pass.

While Piegan Pass is not intense, it still is 14 miles and that’s after a long day of hiking already.

Now, many will initially balk at this suggestion, but I say you should hitchhike. Visitors to Glacier are SUPER friendly. You can very easily catch a ride back to Logan Pass or St. Mary (and then take the bus to Logan Pass).

When I hiked Piegan Pass about 4-5 years ago, that’s how my friend Carol and I got back to our car at Logan Pass.

People are very friendly and will allow you to hop in the back of their pickup trucks in a heartbeat.

If you’re interested in having the perfect trip to Glacier planned out for you, I do offer personalized and non-personalized itineraries to Glacier National Park.

Finally, here’s all the info on shuttle services.

Have a great trip!

Also, make sure you have all the hiking equipment you need!

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Feb 18, 2011




by: Lowell Kenney

I did not mean to be disresoectful of anyone, I should have said enjoy your hike, realize you are in the some of the most beautiful counrty in the world, take your time to see what you can and come back again for more.

Feb 18, 2011



Go Fast or Go Slow?

by: Perry

Hi Lowell,

Not everyone is as lucky as you or me or the hundreds of other former employees at Glacier National Park. For those that don’t get to spend a full summer exploring the park, seeing as much of this breathtaking scenery as possible is a very valued goal. And one that I certainly understand.

When I returned to Glacier with my fiance, she wanted to see *everything*. Unfortunately, time didn’t permit. We did lots of hiking and even did Gunsight Pass in one day.

While we would have loved to do that full trail in 2 days and soak up the scenery instead of booking it, we had no choice if we wanted to see the entire trail, and make it to 2 Med, and make it to Many Glacier, and make it to Polebridge (which, sadly, we didn’t).

But regarding your comment of ‘Stay in Boston if you want to run long races.’…

Please stay courteous and respectful of all our readers here. There is no need to judge and there’s no room for nasty comments of that nature here.

The thousands of monthly visitors to this site deserve better than that. This is a vibrant community and language like that has the potential to dampen it and is not tolerated.

Thanks for your understanding,


Feb 18, 2011



What is the Rush????

by: Lowell Kenney

I have never understood why people set impossible goals, push themselves to exhuastion to rush through some of the most beautiful country in the world. If you are hiking through this country take time to see what you are walking through.
I spent 2 summer at Many Glacier and was on the local trails almost every day and still did not see all there was to see. Stay in Boston if you want to run long races.


Jan 15, 2011



Too far for one day

by: Hockey Ref

I agree that hiking from Granite Park to Many Glacier, then over Piegan Pass to get to Logan Pass would be too much for one day. You’re looking at more than 23 miles total to get just to the GTTS Road, and another three after that along the road if you walk back to your car at Logan. Plus, you’ll have a long and arduous climb of 2,640 feet to get over Piegan Pass. I’d suggest catching the shuttles from Many Glacier back to Logan and save the wear and tear on your bodies for another day.

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