Get a Taste of Real Food Anywhere with Clif Organic Energy Food

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Clif Organic Energy Food Gel

If you’re sick of eating standard energy bars and chews and gels and shakes, you’re in luck – Clif Bar has developed a new line of energy products that are certainly unlike anything you’ve ever had to eat on your outdoor adventures previously.

Clif Organic Energy Food is Clif’s newest line of gel products, and these organic energy supplements are designed to taste like some very interesting foods – ones that you are not used to eating in energy gels.

These little gel packs come in four flavors: Banana Mango Coconut, Sweet Potato and Sea Salt, Banana Beet Ginger, and Margherita Pizza. Yes, you can now have the ingredients of a pizza in an energy gel, thanks to Clif.

Clif Organic Energy Food products use absolutely zero lab-synthesized ingredients; instead, they opt for 100% natural, organic food. Instead of eating anything artificial, what you are ingesting with these gels includes food like tomato puree, olive oil, beets, yeast flakes, and potatoes. Clif’s revolutionary approach to gel products allows you to feel good about eating all natural food, all in a small, easy to carry package.

These energy gels provide you 200 calories of food, with enough natural sugars and carbohydrates to keep you energized and alert during any physical activity. They come in 90 gram, resealable packages that are very similar to those used by baby food companies. This makes the gels ideal to carry in your pocket, in a small pack, or anywhere else with ease.

While many might be skeptical about trying flavors like Pizza and Sweet Potato and Sea Salt, Clif Organic Energy Food provides you real, wholesome nutrition in a way that no other energy gels currently can.

For just $2.50 each, its definitely worth trying the Clif Organic Energy Food gels and seeing if they are right for you on your next outdoor adventure.

You can buy Clif Organic Energy Food gels here. Go check them out today!

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