Glacier National Park: What Trails are Open in June?

My friend and I are coming to Glacier for 10 days. This will be our first time there and my first time in a National Park.

We will be staying on the east side of the park near the Many Glacier Hotel.

I have been doing a lot of research and planning and put the Highline Trail at the top of our day hike list only to find out today that this trail doesnt open until July.

I already have our accomodations booked and there is no chance of changing the date.

My question is, will I find out through more researching that a lot of the trails don’t open until July due to snow?

I’m worried to get my hopes up about any other trail before I make sure that it will be accessible to us. I have many books listing the day hikes in my area, but now I dont know which ones to count on for fear they will be closed..

How do I know which ones will be open?


Hi Bethany!

Great question and great choice of trails in the Highline Trail.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know for sure what trails will be open in June.

So many factors are dependent on it:

  • Last year’s snowfall in depth
  • When was the last big snowfall
  • How warm May and June have been, etc.

That said, trails in the valley areas are more likely to be open and safe to hike in June (That’s another issue: even if a trail is technically open, high elevation trails may not be safe if you don’t have the proper mountaineering training).

Hikes around Lake McDonald Lodge are likely to be open.

Additionally, hikes in the lower Many Glacier region are likely to be open, too.

You can check out Bowman Lake for a unique trip off the beaten path.


Late June is the BEST time to see Glacier National Park’s waterfalls.

While Gunsight Pass isn’t safe to do in late June without great skill and trekking poles, you can head to Gunsight Lake and also Florence Falls.

In the northern region of Glacier National Park, there are plenty of lower elevation trails through valleys and to magnificent lakes.

If you’re unsure and want the best Glacier National Park vacation, I strongly recommend having a customized itinerary made.

I have written dozens of itineraries for travelers and all have had the best vacations of their life! (it’s true! Almost all of them have returned to tell me!)

Good luck and have a safe, awesome trip to Glacier National Park!

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Jan 14, 2011



Thanks, Hockey Ref!


by: Perry

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Hockey Ref.

I agree. Definitely check in with the Rangers beforehand. They are super helpful and if the trail you want to do is closed, they’ll have a great suggestion for you.


Jan 14, 2011



June trail openings



by: Hockey Ref

As previously noted, many higher elevation trails may not be accessible in June due to snow cover. Along with the trails already mentioned, portions of such trails as Iceberg Lake and Grinnell Glacier may be open. On those trails, you’re likely to encounter a “trail closed beyond this point” sign somewhere along the way, but getting that far could be rewarding. In addition, the trail to Cracker Lake in the Many Glacier region may be open the entire way, but could have some snow patches that are large enough for you to need some route-finding skills so you don’t wander off the main trail while crossing the snow. It’s always a good idea to check with the rangers about trail conditions before starting out. They’ll have the latest information.

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