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When is the Best Time to Visit Glacier National Park?

We can travel any time and are really looking forward to seeing Glacier. When is the best time to visit Glacier National Park? We dont like crowds,

Does Menstruation Attract Bears?

I’m wondering: Does menstruation attract bears? Also, is it ok for women to wear hormone patches while backpacking/camping in bear country? Can bears

Should I Hike the Highline Trail or Piegan Pass?

Hi, I was wondering whether I should hike the Highline Trail or Piegan Pass in Glacier National Park. Which trail is better (scenic & ability to see

Prince of Wales Hotel Reviews by Actual Visitors | GNP Travel Guide

Read unbiased Prince of Wales Hotel reviews by actual visitors to the Prince of Wales Waterton Hotel. GNP Travel is your #1 resource for Glacier!

What Hiking Gear is Needed for Glacier National Park?

Hello, It will be my first time to visit Glacier National PArk and Montana in general. My wife and I have scheduled a 11 day vacation to Montana, six

Where to Stay in Glacier National Park? Lodges, Campgrounds or Both?

We have 4 nights to spend in Glacier National Park. Would it be best to stay somewhere mid-park for 4 nights or stay in the west for 2 nights and the

Glacier National Park Maps: Access to Trailheads

I am planning a couple of multi-night trips with a small crew in Glacier National Park and need to know how I can obtain info regarding accessibility to

What Job Opportunities are in Glacier National Park?

Hello,I was wondering if there was a list of jobs available.I currently am living and working in Crater Lake National Park and was thinking about making

Glacier National Park Taxi Service: Many Glacier to Polebridge

Perry, We are planning on hiking from Kintla Lake to Many Glacier in late August over 5 days with only 1 car parked at Many Glacier. Is there a taxi

Hiking Glacier National Park in September: What Trails are Closed?

Hi there, We are planning on coming to Glacier National Park to hike for 2 weeks this year. We love long hikes, cool weather, fewer crowds and fall colors.