Hiking From Logan Pass to Many Glacier & Back to Going to the Sun Road

We plan to hike the Swiftcurrent Trail from Granite Park Chalet to Many Glacier Hotel. One of our possibilities to get back to Logan Pass is to hike out on the Piegan Pass trail; however we’re concerned that it is a 12.8 mile hike and apparently the trailhead is 3 miles from Logan Pass.

Although we are very fit we are wondering if this is too long for 1 day. We don’t know how rugged Piegan Pass is.

If this hike is not a good idea, what are our options for bus service and how do we arrange pickup?

Thanks for any help.



Hi Karen,

Great question! First, let me say that your selection of hikes is fantastic! You’ll get to see a great slice of Glacier National Park by hiking the trails you’ve selected.

Just to clarify, do you plan to spend the night at Many Glacier Lodge and then return to Logan Pass? Or are you talking about hiking from Logan Pass, to Granite Park Chalet, to Many Glacier Hotel and then from Many Glacier Hotel along Piegan Pass so you can return to Going to the Sun Road?

If it’s the former, then no problem. You can easily catch a shuttle bus from the Piegan Pass trailhead back to Logan Pass (alternately, you can hitchhike. It’s very common, safe and fun to hitchhike through Glacier. Typically, you just hop in the back of someone’s pickup truck. Loads of fun).

If you plan to hike from Logan Pass to Many Glacier Hotel and then from Many Glacier Hotel back to Going to the Sun Road all in one day, well, it’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here’s what you’re looking at with this hike:

  • 5.5 miles to Granite Park Chalet from Logan Pass
  • 14.2 miles from Granite Park Chalet, over Swiftcurrent Pass, and down to Many Glacier Hotel
  • 12.8 miles from Many Glacier Lodge to Going to the Sun Road via Piegan Pass

In total, you’re talking about a 32.5 mile day going over 2 mountain passes (although Piegan Pass is pretty mild).

Let’s say you average 2.5 miles/hour. That means you have a 13 hour day ahead of you. That’s tough.

You’d have to be on the trail by 5AM. That’s highly unrecommended as lots of Glacier National Park wildlife roams the trails at that time of day. And grizzly bears are very common along the Highline Trail.

On my last trip to Glacier National Park, my fiance and I hiked Gunsight Pass in one day. It killed me and my legs were too sore to backpack like we had planned on.

What I’d recommend doing is renting a room at either the Swiftcurrent Inn (cheaper option) or Many Glacier Hotel for the night you plan on arriving. Get a permit from a Glacier National Park Ranger station so you can leave your car overnight at Logan Pass (or Piegan Pass trailhead). Then, break your trip up into two days.

It will be much safer and more enjoyable for you.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

If you need additional information on planning your Glacier vacation, I offer customized, personal itineraries. Check them out.

~ Perry

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