Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 14th

Warriors, unite! When it comes to epic stories of survival, danger, and good old fashioned adventure, nothing beats a great cliff-hanger. We all know our hero is going to come out on top in the end, but before they reach the summit of their quest, there’s a thrilling tension that keeps us on the edge […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – August 7th, 2013

Warrior, unite! They say it’s the journey, and not the destination, that makes an adventure worth taking. And while I absolutely agree with that sentiment, I can honestly say that getting to your destination and reveling in your success ain’t half bad, either! This week we salute those Warriors who accomplished what they set out […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 24th, 2013

Warriors, unite! This week we look to the skies for our fellow Weekend Warrior spider-men and -women who get their kicks by climbing sky high. And there’s one who has even more fun on the way down! Don’t let the heat of the summertime get you down, Warriors. There are plenty of cool places to […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 17th, 2013

Warriors, unite! This week I’m writing from the island of Kauai, which is far more gorgeous than you’d ever think possible! I’m hiking Sleeping Giant and riding the waves at Polihale state beach. It’s spectacular, gang! In honor of my trip, I wanted to give today’s Weekend Warrior post a Hawaiian theme, to see what […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 10th

Warriors, unite! This past weekend, those of us stateside celebrated Independence Day. Most Americans were content with just throwing dogs on the barbecue and taking in fireworks. But us Weekend Warriors took advantage of the holiday to soak up rays, strap on our gear, and attack trails and mountainsides. And we weren’t the only ones. […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – July 3rd

Weekend Warriors, unite! We’re now well into July, but not even the high heat of summer can keep adventurers like us inside! I’ve scoured the web and found another awesome set of five photos from our fellow Weekend Warriors’ blogs. We’ve got rock climbers, trail hikers, Everest attackers, and even a newly-minted kid Warrior. Take […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – June 26th

Weekend Warriors, unite! This is the first post I’m doing like this. Basically, every Wednesday I’ll scan the globe, finding the best photos of Weekend Warriors and posting them here for us all to drool over. Summer is finally here, and you know what that means: we start making our daydreams of going on outdoor […]