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Purchasing the Best Hiking Shorts

While quality hiking shorts are not as vital to your health, safety and comfort as other hiking and backpacking equipment is, such as hiking shirts and boots, simply wearing cargo shorts won’t cut it. The reason is simple: cargo shorts don’t have adequate moisture control. As you hike, you are bound to sweat. Without fast […]

Best Kelty Child Carrier Reviews

A Kelty Child Carrier will keep your kid safe and protected. Learn more with Kelty baby backpack and child carrier reviews. If you are a new parent and an avid outdoorsman or woman, a Child Carrier is the perfect way to combine your old love with your newest love. Just because your child is too […]

Purchasing Hiking Clothes

Appropriate hiking clothes are necessary for your comfort and protection in the rapidly changing weather patterns of Glacier and the rest of the Rocky Mountains. Failure to dress and pack appropriately for your adventure can result in illness and grumpiness that can ruin a camping or backpacking vacation. Many brands claim to have the best […]

Orange Wildflower Identification

Orange wildflower species are rare in Glacier National Park. If you happen to spot one, be certain to savor and photograph the moment, as you may never see one again during your Montana vacations–the exception, of course, being Indian Paintbrush, which is more red than orange anyway. Below you will find images and descriptions of […]

Best Hiking Sandal Advice

Adventuring with a pair of hiking sandals has its place and benefits. Not only do your feet remain better ventilated than when inside a pair of hiking boots, sports sandals also dry quicker than any other footwear. However, for hiking trails that have logs to climb over, boulders to hop and narrow ridges to traverse, […]

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Unless you only hike in dry climates, such as the American southwest, waterproof hiking boots are needed for your hiking safety. Without investing the cash in waterproof boots or the time to waterproof your boots, you risk your feet getting soaked as you hike, which can lead to blisters, athlete’s foot, and other problems that […]