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Finding a Hiking Partner in Glacier National Park

Hi – Are there hikes in Glacier National Park that you can sign up for with groups? I’m traveling to Glacier National Park on my own and want to do day

Gunsight Trail Photo Tour: Glacier's Most Beautiful Trail

Hiking in Glacier National Park is an experience like no other – Take a photo guided tour of Gunsight Pass, one of the best Glacier National Park hiking trails. Gunsight Trail is perhaps one of the most beautiful hikes in the park. For me personally, it was also one of the most dangerous–but that was […]

The Highline Trail Photo Tour

The Highline Trail is one of Glacier National Park’s best hikes. Take a scenic, photo tour and learn why The Highline hiking trail is so popular. The photos below will take you on a tour of this hiking trail from start to finish. Highlights include: Logan Pass parking lot, wildflower images, towering mountains, Granite Park […]

Glacier National Park Photos

Pictures say a thousand words – Glacier National Park photos say a million. View the 10 best photographs of Glacier National Park, including wildlife, hikes, waterfalls, attractions, hotels and more! For those who have never been on a Glacier National Park, Montana vacation, all they can do is, ‘Ooohh’ and ‘Aaahhh’ when looking through an […]

Katadyn Water Filter Reviews

Hikers need a Katadyn water filter to purify drinking water. Read reviews of Katadyn Pocket Water Filters, Hiker Pro Microfilter, Guide, Vario & Exstream XR. While alpine lake water in Glacier National Park, Colorado, California and elsewhere may appear pristine, harmful bacteria exists, so water must be treated before drinking. Many portable water purifiers exist, […]

Glacier National Park Wildlife

Photographing Glacier National Park wildlife is the experience of a lifetime. Learn the best places to view animals in Glacier National Park, including moose, grizzly bears, mountain goats, and big horn sheep, and wolves. Wherever you go in Glacier National Park, you will see animals. What wildlife you view depends on where you go and […]

Wild Goose Island

Just off Going to the Sun Road is Wild Goose Island, one of Glacier National Park’s most photographed spots. Read the island’s folk tale & view its best photos. The best pictures of this famous island are taken during sunrise–but you have to get there early. The first photographers arrive before 5AM! Sadly, even though […]