Archives for February 2014

The North Face's Mountain Athletics Training Program Will Get You in Gear

The North Face once again proves it’s the go-to destination for professional and amateur athletes around the globe with its new Mountain Athletics online training program. Going it alone can be tough. No matter what your goal may be, when you face the hurdles in your path with no one by your side to cheer […]

Keep Your iPhone Batteries Juiced with Mojo Refuel iPhone Cases

When it comes to making sure your electronics are always full of juice on the trail, the Mojo Refuel series has got you covered in so many ways. Having a decent power source (not to mention a backup or two) is such an important part of modern hiking, climbing and camping. We use our smartphones […]

10 Best Energy Bars: A Salty Review of 10 Popular Brands of Bars

Energy bars — YUCK, right? Well, we taste-tested 10 different energy bars to give you our take of the 10 best energy bars. Great for quick bursts of energy while biking, hiking, skiing or any other outdoor activity, energy bars are hugely popular among adventure sport enthusiasts, and for good reason. They’re certainly not the […]

ICEdot's Crash Sensor Just May Save Your Life

ICEdot’s revolutionary Crash Sensor won’t keep you from falling, but it will get you the help you need if/when you do. Nothing’s more terrifying than a remote mountain biking or road cycling crash. When that happens, the Icedot Crash Sensor can get you the help you need. Getting that natural rush in the snow or […]

GoLite Wind River Softshell Pants: A Hands-On Review

In my never-ending quest to find the perfect winter outerwear, I’ve come across some truly awesome gear, but the GoLite Wind River Softshell Pants may just be my new favorite. No, I take that back. They definitely are a new favorite. GoLite sent me these pants a few months ago to give a review of. […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – February 5th

Warriors, unite! From Scotland to Bali, Banff to Bend, and the Moray Coast as well, warriors from around the globe were shifting into high gear this past weekend, tackling ice falls, mountains, blizzards and acrobatics. Check out the five photos below and then hit up the links to their blogs for even more awesome pics […]