Glacier National Park Continues to Positively Impact the Economy

Economic Benefits of Glacier National Park The National Park Service has released data showing how last year’s visitor spending in and around Glacier National Park impacted the local economy, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Tourism in the park, which reached record numbers last year, was shown to do wonders for the surrounding businesses, with the park’s […]

Glacier National Park Accepting Student Artwork Submissions

Students Encouraged to Submit Artwork Glacier National Park has opened a contest for student artists to have the opportunity to have their artwork displayed on the 2016 Glacier National Park Annual Park Pass. Glacier National Park and the Glacier National Park Conservancy have begun accepting submissions from sixth through twelfth grade students for the contest, and will continue […]

Glacier National Park Gears Up for Summer

Plowing Underway at Glacier National Park It may only be midway through April, but Glacier National Park has commenced its operations to get the park ready for the busy tourist season that comes along with summertime. This week, plowing began on Going to the Sun Road, and estimates place the road being fully open sometime around […]

Park Employee Receives Citation in Wake of Last Week’s Mountain Lion Attack

Glacier National Park Employee Cited in Mountain Lion Attack In the aftermath of last week’s fracas that involved a mountain lion attacking a park employee’s dog in Glacier National Park, a park employee has been fined for not controlling her pet properly. The ordeal led to a park ranger (who was also one of the […]

Cotopaxi Wants to Save the World with Outdoor Gear, and You Can Help

Cotopaxi – Gear for Good You’ve already heard of brands like Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker Glasses that promote good causes while selling quality, popular products. Well, now the outdoor industry has its own feel-good retailer, Cotopaxi, who just finished raising $6.5 million in Series A venture capital funding to launch their brand of socially […]

Mountain Lion Killed in Glacier National Park After Attacking Dog

Park Ranger Shoots Mountain Lion in Glacier National Park Last Saturday, a Glacier National Park Ranger shot and killed a mountain lion near the employee housing area in West Glacier after the enormous cat attacked an employee’s dog. Around 5:00 PM on Saturday, a park employee let her dogs out of her car, and after […]

Check Out this Terrifying Bear Encounter (Video)

Man Stalked by Bear in Saskatchewan Have you ever had an encounter with a bear? We have a large collection of stories about encountering bears in the backcountry on the site. While most of the time seeing a bear can be a cool and majestic experience, sometimes bear encounters get downright terrifying. In the video below, […]

Glacier National Park Murderer Jordan Linn Graham Wants New Trial

Jordan Linn Graham, the woman who was convicted of second-degree murder for her husband’s death in Glacier National Park in 2013, is requesting a new trial in hopes that she can get her conviction reversed and retried for manslaughter on appeal. Graham was found guilty at trial and sentenced to more than 30 years in […]

Glacier National Park Dealing with Unusually Warm Winter

Spring has come early to Glacier National Park this year, and while that is a good thing for tourism – winter visitation numbers are much higher than average this year – it is a bad thing for the park in general, as the effects of higher winter temperatures continue to take a toll on the […]

The Future of West Glacier Village

If you haven’t heard yet, there could be big changes in store for Glacier National Park’s iconic West Glacier Village – the little town that is situated around the west entrance to the national park. Last year, the Lundgren family, who had owned much of the land and businesses surrounding Glacier National Park to the west, […]