Archives for March 2014

Powermonkey Extreme 12V Review: The King Kong of Portable Chargers!

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V, from world-renowned Powertraveller, is an absolute beast of a portable charger–not because it’s big and unwieldy (it sure isn’t that!), but because of its massive power supply and humongous versatility. Here at Glacier National Park Travel Guide, we put a lot of effort into bringing you news about the best in […]

Asolo Piuma Hiking Boots Review: The Comfort of Natural Footwear

A great combination of natural comfort and protective construction puts the Asolo Piuma hiking boots at the top of my summer foot-gear wish list. As you may know, I love Asolo hiking boots. In fact, I think they’re the best hiking boots in the world. Hands down, no questions asked. And Asolo has done us […]

Eton Portable Chargers Keep You Prepared While Camping & Backpacking

You have plenty of options when it comes to additional battery power when in the great outdoors, and Eton’s pocket-sized products are among the best out there. Here’s a rundown of the company’s top offerings and my two cents on why you should certainly keep them in mind when shopping for your next on-the-go power […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – March 19th

Warriors, unite!┬áThis week we get to check in on Warriors of all ages–from the inspirational Tatay Oca, 67, to a group of adventurous preschool-aged Young Warriors. Because it doesn’t matter how old or young you may be–the only prerequisite for being a Warrior is what’s in your heart. And I gotta say, all these fine […]

Buying Advice on Choosing the Perfect Sleeping Pad

I’ve backpacked across 3 continenents & in all 4 seasons & trust me: Buying the best sleeping pad for your needs is one of the 5 most important gear choices. Need some help picking out your very first sleeping pad, or maybe a refresher before getting a new one? Here’s what to look for, where […]

Weekend Warrior Wednesday – March 5th

Warriors, unite! This week we’re taking a trip to Tasmania, then heading back to the Catskills, with a couple layovers in Scotland and the desert. Why are we going on this journey? To bring you some of the best Warrior pics of the last several days and let you know what they’ve been up to! […]

Vasque Eriksson GTX Backpacking Boots: A First Look at Outdoor Retailer

The new Vasque Eriksson GTX Backpacking Boots debut this year and they’re aiming for that hard-to-achieve perfect balance of casual comfort and tough-as-nails performance. I got to see the Eriksson GTX boots at this year’s Winter Outdoor Retailer in January, but you won’t be able to get your hands on (or feet in) a pair […]