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Top Four Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities And Gear

Top Rocky Mountain Outdoor Thanksgiving Activities Thanksgiving is about friends, family, food and — most importantly — tradition. Traditions are, inherently, hard to change. Regardless of how you have always celebrated the holiday, however, it is possible to add some new activities to your Thanksgiving itinerary without sacrificing tradition or time with friends and family. […]

Best Black Friday Outdoor Gear Sales

The holiday season is upon us. If you are anything like me you would just as soon skip all the traditional festivities to and use the vacation time to explore one of the best places in the world— the Rocky Mountain wilderness. However, until I can convince my family that a winter camping trip in […]

Best Winter Backpacking Gear

Winter backpacking in the Rocky Mountains can be the best backpacking of your life. Planning for the colder weather, however, makes packing that much more complex. Snow falls early and stays through the season on Rocky Mountain trails, so anticipate slick, wet conditions. Choosing the right clothing, tents, boots, sleeping bags and packs to prepare […]

MSR WindBoiler — the best backpacking stove?

It’s impressive — to say the least — how advanced backpacking stoves have become. With just a few ounces of added weight, these stoves can cook an entire meal in a matter of minutes. And just when you thought that they couldn’t get any more efficient or easy to use, leading outdoor companies find a […]

Popular Television Program Highlights Glacier National Park

Some of the most recognized and popular spots in Glacier National Park were documented and aired to thousands this week thanks to a mini series aired on the CW television network. The Glacier National Park feature, which documents an epic backpacking trip through iconic Glacier destinations, is part of the Rock the Park television series. […]

Best Winter Hiking Boots

The hiking season should not end with summer. Winter is a wonderful time to explore the — considerably less packed — trails around the country. Obviously, winter hiking requires different gear than warmer months — the most important being footwear. Slipping on ice, frostbite and loss of circulation to your feet are all possibly scenarios […]

Columbia Unveils The World’s Warmest Jacket

You could soon own the world’s warmest puffy jacket. That is, at least, if the Columbia TurboDown Wave Heatzone 1000 performs to the level that the company claims it will. The jacket was unveiled at a recent launch party in Denver alongside several other new products in the Columbia Fall 2015 collection. While the jacket […]

Clif Bar Celebrates The Holidays With Seasonal Flavors

  Move over pumpkin spice lattes, Clif Bar’s seasonal holiday flavors are back. And with sales now supporting an awesome non-profit, they are better than ever. The three seasonal flavors — Clif Bar Iced Ginger Bread Energy Bars, Clif Bar Pecan Pie Energy Bars and Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin Pie — are back for the […]