Bring Your (Entire) Kitchen to the Campsite with Grub Hub

The Grub Hub is a total-kitchen campsite accessory that gives you the chance to do true gourmet cooking while camping. Become a gourmet camping chef today! We’ve all had to make do in the area of campsite “cuisine”–it’s just the way it is. We’ve learned to enjoy pre-packaged meals, weenies on a stick, and cans […]

Will the Trimble TopoCharger Make GPS Devices Obsolete?

Getting completely lost in the woods has never been so difficult now that the Trimble TopoCharger is on the market. A combination smartphone power source and software integrated with more topographic maps than you could ever dream of exploring in ten lifetimes might make this package an absolute must-have for nature nuts among us. I […]

Why AceCamp Gear Is the Target of Outdoor Gear

For the past 12 years, AceCamp has been an industry-leading manufacturer of camping and backpacking accessories. They’ve put hundreds of products on the shelves, each aimed at preparing you for all the unpredictable twist and turns Mother Nature throws your way. From waterproof fire starters to emergency blankets, organization bags to outdoor cookware, lighting equipment […]

Kelty Previews Spectacular 2014 TraiLogic Collection

Kelty has announced its new TraiLogic collection of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and backpacks for 2014. And it’s definitely worth checking out! January 2014 UPDATE: REI Now Sells the TraiLogic Series Kelty, a titan of the camping gear scene, recently announced the imminent arrival of the 2014 TraiLogic collection, and it is just as […]

Esbit Solid Fuel Stoves: Ultra-Portable, UltraLight & UltraAwesome

There are so many best things about camping and hiking that it’s insane to point a finger at just one of them and say: “That’s it!” But when it comes to ultralight, solid fuel backpacking stoves, Esbit has a firm grasp on the ‘best’ title. Not that there aren’t other worthy models, but from what […]

Introduction to Outdoor Retailer's Summer 2013 Show

In early August, I attended Outdoor Retailer’s Summer 2013 show. This was my first time at Outdoor Retailer (or, OR, as people like to call it). And boy, was it overwhelming, exhilarating and exhausting all at once. For those uninitiated with OR, it is basically the leading outdoor industry event in the entire world. Every […]

Introducing the Zipless Wonder of Sierra Designs' Backcountry Bed

Getting a zipper stuck, with its teeth mangled in the material around it, may not be the worst thing about certain sleeping bags, but it’s definitely up there. With Sierra Designs‘ new Backcountry Bed, that won’t even be an issue. Why? Because it has no zipper. Sierra Designs, a leading manufacturer of camping gear, and […]