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Best Sleeping Bags of 2015

Best Sleeping Bags of 2015 With summer upon us, the most popular camping season of the year is here. In the next few months, millions of Americans will leave behind the comfort and security of their permanent dwellings to head out into the wilderness for a little bit of fun and adventure. One item that […]

REI’s evrgrn Line: Gear for Good Times

The REI evrgrn Line REI continues to diversify and expand their immense line of outdoor products. The latest innovation from the giant outdoor retailer is the evrgrn line of products, which encompasses a wide range of gear designed for the outdoors – whether that means a small neighborhood campout, a music festival, or more traditional […]

Zamberlan Airound GTX RR: Hiking Shoe Review

Zamberlan Airound GTX RR Hiking Shoe Plenty of shoes we write about like to use the word “breathable” to describe their shoes in a positive way. Indeed, for hikers and backpackers, having breathable shoes that keep your feet cool and comfortable in warm weather is of great importance. And while many shoes we’ve featured are […]

Best Car Camping Gear for 2015

Car Camping Essentials At Glacier National Park Travel Guide, we usually focus on gear that is perfect for ultralight backpackers and hard-charging hikers. However, not everyone is quite as adventurous and equipped for arduous outdoor activity, and that’s fine! With summer upon us, it’s high time that we mention that car camping can also be […]

Best Women’s Jackets of 2015

Best Women’s Jackets of 2015 Here at Glacier National Park Travel Guide, we do spend a lot of time covering gear that is intended more for men than women. However, we know that we have plenty of female readers as well, and we love our backpacking female friends just as much! So today, we’re taking […]

Ahnu Coburn: Hiking Shoe Review

Ahnu Coburn Hiking Shoe If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable new hiking shoe for this summer season, one option you should definitely check out is the Ahnu Coburn Hiking Shoe. This durable, comfortable shoe from established footwear company Ahnu is designed to keep your feet feeling great during long days hiking around and mountaineering, […]

Feel at Home Anywhere with the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed Duo When sleeping in the outdoors, some of us toss and turn and get a generally crappy night’s sleep due to discomfort, cold, and so forth. For many of us, feeling like we’re sleeping in a bed at home is one of the biggest things missing from a camping or backpacking […]

Save HUGE on Outdoor Gear During REI’s Anniversary Sale!

Save BIG During REI’s Anniversary Sale! Each May, REI offers its biggest sale of the year to help its customers gear up for a fun summer spent exploring outdoors. The REI Anniversary Sale for 2015 has commenced, and now, through May 25th, you can save up to a whopping 30% on select outdoor equipment. You can […]

Best Lightweight Tents for Summer Camping

Three Season Tents for Summer Camping When you’re searching for a tent for the summer months, your needs are going to be much different than when you are searching for a tent that you can use year-round and in cold weather. Tents are generally rated as to how many seasons they can withstand. For example, […]

Keen Marshall WP: A Shoe for All Occasions

Keen Marshall WP Shoe We’ve written plenty about Keen’s ability to make excellent sandals; however, this footwear company is good for much more than just open-toed comfort. Keen has been around for awhile now, and they continue to diversify and expand their shoe options, making quality shoes for all purposes in the process. Keen hiking […]