In-Depth Look at Garmin's Hiking & Backpacking GPS Dynasty

The brand name Garmin has become synonymous with “GPS” over the last several years as their in-car devices have dominated the market. Just about everyone’s familiar with the Garmin in this form: But not many people know just how extensive their product line really is. Garmin’s a company that has made some serious dough with automotive […]

Protect and Charge your iPhone with the Ferocious Snow Lizard Phone Case

There may be no such things as real snow lizards, but the company those made-up creatures are named for is a very REAL powerhouse in the mobile device accessory industry. Snow Lizard is right up there with LifeProof, OtterBox, Spigen in terms of total defense against the elements for your smartphones and tablets. But they […]

Will the Trimble TopoCharger Make GPS Devices Obsolete?

Getting completely lost in the woods has never been so difficult now that the Trimble TopoCharger is on the market. A combination smartphone power source and software integrated with more topographic maps than you could ever dream of exploring in ten lifetimes might make this package an absolute must-have for nature nuts among us. I […]

Introducing the Zipless Wonder of Sierra Designs' Backcountry Bed

Getting a zipper stuck, with its teeth mangled in the material around it, may not be the worst thing about certain sleeping bags, but it’s definitely up there. With Sierra Designs‘ new Backcountry Bed, that won’t even be an issue. Why? Because it has no zipper. Sierra Designs, a leading manufacturer of camping gear, and […]

UWaterK8 Waterproof MP3 Player Let's Us Listen to Our Tunes Underwater

Smartphones, iPods, and other MP3-playing devices are great for when you’re tromping through the wilderness alone. You can play music, listen to audiobooks, or even learn a thing or two from a non-fiction recording while you enjoy Mother Nature. But it gets a little difficult to do those things when you’re swimming, kayaking, rowing, trekking […]

Track Wildlife Sightings On Your Phone Using GLANCE

It may seem like a highly specialized app for highly specialized people at first, but Glance is a piece of software that everyone can have a great time with. Dreamed up by the creative folks at Green Heron Works, Glance is the answer to many scientists’, students’, organizations’, and plain-old nature lovers’ questions of how […]

Mosquitoes Beware: Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket Takes No Prisoners!

Are you a fan of ticks and mosquitoes, and all the horrific diseases they’re capable of transmitting? Didn’t think so. Now’s the season to declare war against those summertime pests. Sprays, salves, creams and candles will soon be flying off the shelves and into the hands of Weekend Warriors who want to protect themselves against nasty […]

Goal Zero Offers a Solar Kit for Camping that Won't Disappoint

Have you ever wished for an electrical outlet when camping, hiking or climbing? Of course you have. We all have. Most of the products we buy to fulfill this wish don’t live up to our expectations, though. There’s a lot of solar-powered crap out there that does little more than drain our wallets and savings. […]

Is the UltraPod Go by Pedco the Ultimate Tripod for Outdoor Junkies?

Snapping that perfect photo while trekking around the Rockies is impossible without the right equipment. The UltraPod GO mobile tripod from Pedco is definitely the right equipment. It’s a super portable, easy-to-use, awesomely versatile accessory that’ll ensure you get the shot of your dreams, no matter what you’re aiming at. The UltraPod GO has the […]