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Check it Out: The Award-Winning Gossamer Gear Mariposa Ultralight Backpack

Gossamer Gear Mariposa Ultralight Backpack In our constant search for the ultimate ultralight backpacks, we have come across a lot of quality, lightweight backpacks that will get any job done in the backcountry. However, our latest find, the Gossamer Gear Mariposa Ultralight Backpack might be our new favorite. The Mariposa Ultralight Backpack was just named a winner […]

Eat Like a King Anywhere with the MSR Flex 4 System Cookset

MSR Flex 4 System Cookset Eating in the backcountry can be a bit of a pain in the butt. You can either skimp on “real” food, opting for snacks and protein shakes and energy bars, or you can bring cooking supplies, which can be clunky, cumbersome, and take up an unfortunate amount of space and […]

Save Big on the Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack at REI!

As we mentioned yesterday, now is the prime time to do your shopping for summertime outdoor gear at REI. With REI dividends being sent to members everywhere, the company is bustling with the best deals of the year on all types of backpacking and camping equipment. Of course, most of these deals necessitate that you’re […]

REI Dividends are Here!

Claim Your 2015 REI Dividend Today Every year in late March, REI members look forward to receiving their dividend from their purchases in the past year. These dividends amount to approximately 10% of the value of the eligible purchases a member has made at REI (both in-store and online) in the last calendar year. This […]

Cotopaxi Wants to Save the World with Outdoor Gear, and You Can Help

Cotopaxi – Gear for Good You’ve already heard of brands like Tom’s Shoes and Warby Parker Glasses that promote good causes while selling quality, popular products. Well, now the outdoor industry has its own feel-good retailer, Cotopaxi, who just finished raising $6.5 million in Series A venture capital funding to launch their brand of socially […]

Sleep Like a Baby this Summer with the Klymit Static V Sleeping Pad

If you’re on an extended backpacking trip, few things are more important for your well-being than getting a good night’s sleep in the outdoors. If you want to keep your energy levels up so that you can keep charging hard day after day, you need to be well-rested and able to sleep comfortably in a […]

Goal Zero Teams Up with Gregory to Create Solar-Ready Backpacks

Goal Zero and Gregory Bring You Solar-Ready Packs Goal Zero has been making a big name for themselves in recent years with their innovative line of solar-powered products that make life in the outdoors just a little bit more environmentally-friendly and efficient. The company has been creating a wide range of products designed to harness […]

5 Cheap, Essential Survival Items

When you’re out in the wilderness, the most important thing of all is staying safe. Hopefully, on all of your backpacking and camping trips, you come well-prepared and equipped to take on all possible elements you may encounter. However, even the most experienced mountaineers in the world can run into problems at times, and if […]

Stay Light and Bright with the LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Inflatable Solar Lantern

 LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Inflatable Solar Lantern If you’re looking to stay as light as possible when backpacking or camping, every little bit of weight saved can make a major difference. One area you’ve probably never thought about trying to save much weight was with your light source on your outdoor adventures. While many backpackers […]

Heimplanet’s “The Cave” is Unlike Any Tent You’ve Ever Seen

Backpackers are always searching for ways to make their loads as light as possible while out on the trails, and retailers are always trying to come up with new ideas that make ultralight backpacking a lighter endeavor than ever. The latest innovation in the world of ultralight backpacking and camping is the Heimplanet “The Cave” Tent, […]