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The 5 Best Ultralight Jackets for this Spring

Spring’s Best Lightweight Jacket Options Spring is almost upon us, and it brings with it some of the most interesting and variable weather of the year in most locations. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and in many states, the spring means lots of rain, which can be a real drag when […]

Eagle Creek EC Lync System is the Ideal Lightweight Luggage Option

In the world of backpacks and bags, there are many different routes you can go. You can get a bag exclusively for backpacking, and you can get a backpack exclusively for day to day life. And then you can get another bag exclusively for travel. However, if you like to go out-of-state for some of your […]

Sierra Designs Tensegrity 1 Elite – The Ultimate Lightweight Backpacking Tent

I’ve been writing a lot about backpacking tents lately, and while I’ve already covered some of the more affordable options out there, sometimes a product comes along that simply justifies a higher cost because of its quality. The Sierra Designs Tensegrity 1 Elite is one such product. This tent is a legitimate game-changer in the world […]

Best REI Backpacking Tents

REI is one of the premier outdoor manufacturers on the planet, and make most of their products specifically for backpackers and campers. The company’s quality products are also usually much more affordable than some of the fancy, name-brand competitors. REI sells many other brands in their inventory, but they also produce their own products, which are […]

Sleeping Outdoors: Sleeping Bags or Quilts?

Getting a comfortable, restful night’s sleep while you’re out in the backcountry is absolutely essential to keep you charging hard during an extended backpacking trip. Accordingly, the equipment you choose to use while sleeping outdoors can be critical. While there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing sleeping materials, many backpackers come back […]

Best Fleece Jackets for 2015

Fleece is one of the most versatile materials you can have in a jacket when you’re out in the backcountry. It’s not too thick and cumbersome, but it can keep you warm very easily when the temperatures begin to dip. There are multitudes of fleece jackets on the market, but we’ve picked some of our favorite […]

The 5 Best Ultralight Backpacks for 2015

The Best Ultralight Backpacks While we’ve covered some of our favorite ultralight backpacks before, as technology changes, so do our favorites. The following backpacks are the best of the best for 2015, and you should compare all of these options if you’re looking to purchase a new pack for the new year. If you’re going to […]

5 Backpacking Essentials for Under $5

  Cheap Backpacking Gear   So you want to go backpacking…but funds are limited. We’ve all been there. However, not having deep pockets shouldn’t prevent you from going on the backpacking trip you’ve been dreaming of. Fortunately, backpacking is not an activity reserved for the top one percent of society. Gear up for your next trip […]

Mountain Hardwear's Ghost Whisperer Down is an Epic Ultralight Jacket

Lightweight Down Jacket For Hiking And Backpacking 7.5 ounces — that’s the only weight you can expect to add to your load with the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket. Small enough to fit in its pocket, the jacket is designed for ultralight backpacking, hiking and climbing and is stacked with the essentials for a […]

Outdoor Research's Helium Hybrid Jacket is a Game Changer

Wind shell jackets usually offer great protection in the spring and summer months when storms threaten to roll in and disrupt your hiking or jogging. The problem is that they generally aren’t so good at walking the oh-so-fine line between waterproof and breathable, oftentimes sacrificing one for the other. Which can certainly be uncomfortable for […]