Upgrade Your K9 with the K10 Survival Dog Collar

K10 Paracord Survival Kit Dog Collar If you’re the type of outdoorsman or woman who likes to bring your canine companion along when you’re backpacking or camping, survival just got a little bit easier. Your dog probably wears a collar anyway – after all, he should, especially in the vast outdoors – so the K10 Paracord […]

Have a Cold One in the Backcountry with the IceMule Cooler

The IceMule Cooler Bringing a cooler along when you’re backpacking, hiking, or camping is usually not an easy thing to do. Most hard-shell coolers are far too heavy and bulky to be a practical option to bring on a long trip outdoors, and many soft shell coolers on the market simply don’t keep beverages cold […]

Take on the Outdoors with the Gerber StrongArm Survival Knife

Gerber StrongArm Survival Knife For any adventure outdoors, a survival knife is an important piece of equipment. Ideal for deterring predators, making fire, making shelter, hunting, and many, many other things, a quality survival knife can make life outdoors much easier. We recently covered some of the best survival knives that money can buy, but […]

Get a Taste of Real Food Anywhere with Clif Organic Energy Food

Clif Organic Energy Food Gel If you’re sick of eating standard energy bars and chews and gels and shakes, you’re in luck – Clif Bar has developed a new line of energy products that are certainly unlike anything you’ve ever had to eat on your outdoor adventures previously. Clif Organic Energy Food is Clif’s newest line […]

5 Best Sport Sunglasses for the Great Outdoors

The Best Sunglasses for Backpacking and Camping When you’re out in the wilderness, your eyes are definitely going to need extra protection – both from the sun and the elements. If you head into the backcountry without a solid pair of shades to safeguard your eyeballs, you will be making a huge mistake. When outside for […]

Goal Zero Teams Up with Gregory to Create Solar-Ready Backpacks

Goal Zero and Gregory Bring You Solar-Ready Packs Goal Zero has been making a big name for themselves in recent years with their innovative line of solar-powered products that make life in the outdoors just a little bit more environmentally-friendly and efficient. The company has been creating a wide range of products designed to harness […]

Stay Light and Bright with the LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Inflatable Solar Lantern

 LuminAID Pack Lite 12 Inflatable Solar Lantern If you’re looking to stay as light as possible when backpacking or camping, every little bit of weight saved can make a major difference. One area you’ve probably never thought about trying to save much weight was with your light source on your outdoor adventures. While many backpackers […]

Bring a Campfire Anywhere with the Burnie Grill

Burnie: The All Wood, Self-Burning Grill A few weeks ago, when discussing some of the most interesting outdoor products that would be released this year, you might recall us mentioning the Burnie – a small, all wood, “campfire” grill that is made of 100% natural materials. Well, if you do remember, and if you were […]

Keep Your Hands Warm with the Seirus Heat Touch Xtreme All Weather Gloves

Do you ever find yourself having problems keeping your hands warm in the backcountry during the coldest months of the winter? Odds are that most backpackers have experienced this issue. Many people turn to bulky gloves and mittens to combat the cold, but the cost of using these gloves can be high – bulkier gloves usually […]

Meet Fogo – The All-in-One Adventure Tool

You can put the word “smart” before nearly anything these days: smartphones, smartwatches, smartwool, and so forth. But have you ever heard of a smart flashlight? Thanks to the Kickstarter-funded Fogo flashlight, this is now a thing. If you’re a little dubious about the concept of an intelligent flashlight, we don’t blame you. But the […]